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Do you ever feel that the business guides and industry blogs you are reading don’t have information and news targeted to your type and size of business? Well hopefully that problem will be solved with, a business blog just for small to medium enterprises.

This is the blog that can help you start and maintain an efficiently run business. Click onto the latest posts,

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Six Office Design Trends For a Happier Hive

The day of the cubicle is all but over as companies, large and small, start to think holistically and ergonomically in order to get the most out of their office spaces and their employees.

We’ll see some major themes developing and consolidating in 2017, so here are six of the bigger ones.

Losing the wires

As we use more and more devices in our work

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Bizspace branding debut at Manchester business centre

National flexible business space provider, Bizspace, has debuted its new corporate branding at a Manchester business centre.

An open event at Empress Business Centre in Trafford showcased the firm’s new corporate identity, as well as a brand new interior design makeover.

The 40-office site, which is at almost 100% occupancy, has been given a modern look and feel, taking design references from nearby MediaCityUK. The

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Row launches world’s first Pokémon Go insurance – Pokédex Insurance

UK gadget insurance firm Row launches the world’s first Pokédex insurance, in response to the growing popularity of the new Pokémon Go game.

The British firm which advertises the cover, making references to the Japanese television show launched in 1997, reads “taking up the challenge of becoming a Pokémon Go trainer and becoming the very best like no one ever was is undoubtedly important, but

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Cloud coumputing experts virtualDCS research on Disaster Recovery in Yorkshire

The Cloud Computing experts, virtualDCS conducted independent research over two days at the Buy Yorkshire conference in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Focussing on existing business continuity plans and practices the delegates at the event were invited to complete an anonymous survey, with the goal of analysing business attitudes to data protection.

The results uncovered that although the majority of businesses (65%) did in fact have a

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Mobile Office launched for health and safety assessment for mobile working

As an Ofcom study reveals that people are spending an average of two hours on their smartphones every day, an increasing number of employers are encouraging or supporting their staff to work from mobile devices without providing guidance on safe usage. Now, a team of ergonomic experts has launched Mobile Office Ltd, a new resource to fill a gap in government guidance on meeting the

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UCL School of Management reveals Entrepreneurs should invest more time, not money

Dr Onesun Steve Yoo, UCL

Entrepreneurs spend too much time trying to solve problems that could have been avoided if they’d invested the time earlier, new research from UCL School of Management finds.

Identifying the bottleneck issue that’s restricting output, and improving it, significantly boosts a start-up’s growth as any subsequent advances could have maximum success.

By investing time to reduce this waste, more time would be available in the

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South Manchester Business Association welcomes local businesses

Members of the South Manchester Business Association

SOUTH Manchester’s local business leaders came out in force to welcome 18 visitors to their annual evening meeting.

The South Manchester Business Association (SMBA) gathered at The Bowdon Hotel on Wednesday March 2, 2016, to show prospective associates how membership can benefit their business.


SMBA Evening Meeting


18 local business owners took the opportunity to meet existing members and register their interest

Read more… study shows office space could be driving business out of London

The average cost of space per desk in the capital is a massive £820, or £9840 per employee per annum. Desk cost reduces by £38 for every 10 miles outside of London. SMEs and start-ups tempted to stay away from the UK’s premier business district as 58% of startups surveyed said they would prefer to start their business outside of London. Northern hubs Newcastle,

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Foehn’s New Buyers Guide to Cloud Phone Systems for SMBs

With more companies switching out their traditional telephone system in favour of a modern cloud based alternative, Foehn has produced a free and downloadable Buyers Guide for small and medium size businesses that are growing and considering a cloud phone system.

The 2nd instalment of the Buyer’s Guide series – Cloud Phone Systems for Growing Businesses – sets out why traditional business phone systems limit

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Author Sue Ingram explains how to avoid employment tribunals

Employment law can appear complex and tends to make managers nervous but according to HR expert Sue Ingram, author of ‘FIRE WELL’ it’s actually, at its core, simple, straightforward and based on common sense.

When Employment Tribunals were first introduced the idea was that lawyers would not be needed. Unfortunately one side hired a lawyer, then the other and now few companies attend without legal

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