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Do you ever feel that the business guides and industry blogs you are reading don’t have information and news targeted to your type and size of business? Well hopefully that problem will be solved with, a business blog just for small to medium enterprises.

This is the blog that can help you start and maintain an efficiently run business. Click onto the latest posts,

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Know About Alternative Finance For Your SME

For many small and medium sized enterprises looking to expand, the source of your funding becomes a major issue when the bank that previously liked to say “Yes” now says “No, not really”. If your assets are already promised to the bank, your order book is full and suppliers need paying, or when cash-flow has been reduced to a trickle, alternative finance is where an

Read more…’s tips on attracting an investor as Dragons’ Den returns

Rick Palmer, CEO of

With the return of Dragons’ Den many entrepreneurs and ambitious businesses will be considering how they might attract crucial funding to accelerate growth.

So, what steps should a company owner put in place to ensure that his or her business is attractive as possible to potential investors. Growth is only seven steps away, according to’s CEO Rick Palmer. His business recently attracted major investment

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What to Look For in an Online Collaboration Platform

It is one thing to identify a need for improved collaboration and project management, and another thing to go about creating the change. There are many factors to consider when selecting an online collaboration platform. Here are a few features to look for as you evaluate your options.

Secure File Sharing

First and foremost you must ensure that the system you choose is secure. It

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121 Company Formation helping entrepreneurs to formulate their business

In the world of business, time is money – and 121 Company Formation is helping ambitious entrepreneurs to save both with their efficient and great value company formation service.

As one of the UK’s leading company formation websites, 121 Company Formation can help businesses to incorporate their own firm within a maximum of five business hours, with convenient electronic registration and a direct link to

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How Business Skills have changed in the 21st Century

The structure of business has changed considerably. In the past there were those in the company with strategic roles who set policy, and there were those who implemented them. Exercising good business skills was mostly a matter of following direction.

However according to William Buist of Abelard Collaborative Consultancy and founder of the exclusive xTEN Club the nature of business has changed, and the idea

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Recruitment Consultancy Harrison Dear’s London’s Job Boom Prediction

The reaction follows a new report which predicts that the job boom will continue in the capital, with the media industry a particular area that is expected to grow. A spokesperson from Harrison Dear provides a statement.

145,000 jobs will be created in London over the next decade, according to a new report compiled by the Centre for Cities and Cambridge Econometrics. The report states

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Headhunting: Top Executive Recruitment Tips for SMEs


When it comes to filling key positions in a small to medium sized enterprise, there is little room for error as such recruitment decisions tend to affect the future performance of such organisations. It goes without saying that acquiring the best executives to fill key openings is one of the pillars of successful businesses. In many cases, small to medium sized enterprises traditionally lose

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HR Leads the Way into the Future of Business

For many companies, the highest expense on the books each month is payroll. Unless there’s a lot of automation, employees ARE the main resource of the business, so knowing how to manage them well can mean increased profits, reduced expenses and much less stress for management.

Traditional HR functions

The HR Department – Human Relations – is responsible for managing the ‘employed’ status of the

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Billionaire Businessman Sir Nadhmi Auchi Believes in Giving Back

Sir Nadhmi Auchi, Founder GMH Group

Some businessmen might make their fortune and invest it wisely; some might invest it unwisely; and still others of course might spend much it. However, not all will choose to donate their money – or their time – to charitable and humanitarian causes.

One such uncommon philanthropist is the Iraqi-born British entrepreneur, Sir Nadhmi Auchi, whose business group General Mediterranean Holding SA represents a strong

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Over a 3rd of small businesses ‘too Busy’ to focus on growth

• SMEs who manage their time well are 20% more likely to grow • Small businesses too busy to improve time management processes • Adopting technology shown to “significantly” improve performance

The value of effective time management among small and medium-sized enterprises has been highlighted for the first time in a new report – with SMEs that do manage their time well proving a fifth

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