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Do you ever feel that the business guides and industry blogs you are reading don’t have information and news targeted to your type and size of business? Well hopefully that problem will be solved with, a business blog just for small to medium enterprises.

This is the blog that can help you start and maintain an efficiently run business. Click onto the latest posts,

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UCL School of Management reveals Entrepreneurs should invest more time, not money

Dr Onesun Steve Yoo, UCL

Entrepreneurs spend too much time trying to solve problems that could have been avoided if they’d invested the time earlier, new research from UCL School of Management finds.

Identifying the bottleneck issue that’s restricting output, and improving it, significantly boosts a start-up’s growth as any subsequent advances could have maximum success.

By investing time to reduce this waste, more time would be available in the

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South Manchester Business Association welcomes local businesses

Members of the South Manchester Business Association

SOUTH Manchester’s local business leaders came out in force to welcome 18 visitors to their annual evening meeting.

The South Manchester Business Association (SMBA) gathered at The Bowdon Hotel on Wednesday March 2, 2016, to show prospective associates how membership can benefit their business.


SMBA Evening Meeting


18 local business owners took the opportunity to meet existing members and register their interest

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driving london

The average cost of space per desk in the capital is a massive £820, or £9840 per employee per annum. Desk cost reduces by £38 for every 10 miles outside of London. SMEs and start-ups tempted to stay away from the UK’s premier business district as 58% of startups surveyed said they would prefer to start their business outside of London. Northern hubs Newcastle,

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Foehn’s New Buyers Guide to Cloud Phone Systems for SMBs


With more companies switching out their traditional telephone system in favour of a modern cloud based alternative, Foehn has produced a free and downloadable Buyers Guide for small and medium size businesses that are growing and considering a cloud phone system.

The 2nd instalment of the Buyer’s Guide series – Cloud Phone Systems for Growing Businesses – sets out why traditional business phone systems limit

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Author Sue Ingram explains how to avoid employment tribunals

Employment law can appear complex and tends to make managers nervous but according to HR expert Sue Ingram, author of ‘FIRE WELL’ it’s actually, at its core, simple, straightforward and based on common sense.

When Employment Tribunals were first introduced the idea was that lawyers would not be needed. Unfortunately one side hired a lawyer, then the other and now few companies attend without legal

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A small gesture can make big gains

What are the best promotional items out there? We all love the gift bags we receive at conferences and expos. For years, your desk drawer will be loaded with logo pens, some of them are used up but you keep them anyway because they remind you of an event you attended.

But not every promotional gift plays its role as well as it did in

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Cheesmans Accountants On Cutting Your Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains: the good news/bad news tax. Good news … you’ve made money. Bad news … well, it’s a tax.

Capital Gain is the difference between what you paid for something and the amount you sell it for, and the amount of tax you pay on a Capital Gain depends on your income.

Here’s how it works:

Calculate your gain Subtract your annual tax-free allowance

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Boost Efficiency and Reduce Working Hours

It’s what every leader dreams of – doing things better. But doing things better doesn’t have to be a backbreaking task. There are simple, smart solutions out there – all you have to do is be wise to them….

Creating Great Teams and Believing In Them

As a leader the temptation is to expect too much of yourself. Key decisions need to be taken, but

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Protecting Your Business from Divorce

A divorce can be a tough time for anyone, but it can be especially rough on businesses. If your case is dealt with through the court system, a significant business is likely to come under intense scrutiny, as not only its value is judged, but also its performance and its ability to generate cash. Forensic accountants are likely to be involved and the business is

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What Your IMEI Number Means and What it Does

Your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is an international serial number for your phone to properly identify it. The IMEI number is used by networks to identify valid phones and block stolen or blacklisted phones from accessing the network.

So what does your IMEI number do? Well first of all it is considered the unique serial number of your phone. With the IMEI

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