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Do you ever feel that the business guides and industry blogs you are reading don’t have information and news targeted to your type and size of business? Well hopefully that problem will be solved with, a business blog just for small to medium enterprises.

This is the blog that can help you start and maintain an efficiently run business. Click onto the latest posts,

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Headhunting: Top Executive Recruitment Tips for SMEs


When it comes to filling key positions in a small to medium sized enterprise, there is little room for error as such recruitment decisions tend to affect the future performance of such organisations. It goes without saying that acquiring the best executives to fill key openings is one of the pillars of successful businesses. In many cases, small to medium sized enterprises traditionally lose

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HR Leads the Way into the Future of Business

For many companies, the highest expense on the books each month is payroll. Unless there’s a lot of automation, employees ARE the main resource of the business, so knowing how to manage them well can mean increased profits, reduced expenses and much less stress for management.

Traditional HR functions

The HR Department – Human Relations – is responsible for managing the ‘employed’ status of the

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Billionaire Businessman Sir Nadhmi Auchi Believes in Giving Back

Sir Nadhmi Auchi, Founder GMH Group

Some businessmen might make their fortune and invest it wisely; some might invest it unwisely; and still others of course might spend much it. However, not all will choose to donate their money – or their time – to charitable and humanitarian causes.

One such uncommon philanthropist is the Iraqi-born British entrepreneur, Sir Nadhmi Auchi, whose business group General Mediterranean Holding SA represents a strong

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Over a 3rd of small businesses ‘too Busy’ to focus on growth

• SMEs who manage their time well are 20% more likely to grow • Small businesses too busy to improve time management processes • Adopting technology shown to “significantly” improve performance

The value of effective time management among small and medium-sized enterprises has been highlighted for the first time in a new report – with SMEs that do manage their time well proving a fifth

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The London Coaching Group on why your team needs less leadership

Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. These are the people that most business owners aspire to; leaders with incredible vision who have built empires through their powerful leadership.

But while Steve Jobs was envisioning the iPhone, Steve Wozniak was building Apple. While Bill Gates imagined a PC on every desk, Paul Allen was building Microsoft. Next to these monolith leaders was an equally monolith manager – and,

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New report shows over 70% of construction firms suffer ‘bad debt’

Every year, construction firms in the UK write off more than £10,000 each when customers do not pay, according to a new report.

Published by business funder Bibby Financial Services (BFS) and industry experts, The Vinden Partnership (TVP), the Planning for Growth report reveals that over 70 per cent of SME construction firms have suffered bad debt over the past three years. The average amount

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Brandrefinery New Infographic Reveals Top 5 Secrets for Successful Product Launch

top 5 secrets

Continuing its strong tradition of sharing best practise and agency knowledge, the branding agency, Brandrefinery has published a new infographic today which reveals its five secret ingredients for a successful product launch in 2015.

Based on round table discussions amongst its own branding experts and selected consultants, the five secret ingredients are its predictions, directives and suggestions for making noise and carving out a niche

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The Keys to Successful Event Marketing

The world of business is competitive to say the least, making it necessary to do everything you can to make your brand stand out.

Once your brand is well recognised established customers will come to you, but in order to make that happen you need to go to your customers and show them the perks and advantages of your product.

Event marketing is a great

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Going Green: Making your Business Environmentally Friendly

There is one basic reason why taking care of the planet matters: we all live in it. Going green guarantees not only a better tomorrow, but also helps us build a better today. It is also good for business.

In the past being eco-friendly was considered expensive but these days it has become very affordable. This makes it easy for your business to contribute to

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New Website Builder Packages Launched by Fasthosts


– Responsive web editor with automatic mobile and tablet optimisation – Range includes full eShop functionality for secure, effortless online sales – Drag and drop design for easy integration of popular widgets such as social media and blog

7 January, Gloucester, UK: Fasthosts Internet Ltd, (, a leading web and Cloud hosting provider, today introduced a brand new standalone Website Builder (powered by BaseKit) making

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