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  • June 22, 2021
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We built Oak Tree Mobility a bespoke integrated CRM & ERP software to keep track of all customer information.

The Client

Oak Tree Mobility believe that everyone should be free to live a rich and fulfilling life. This belief affects everything that they do and is reflected in their range of handmade rise and recline chairs, adjustable beds and bath lifts, which have already empowered thousands nationwide to enjoy the independence they deserve.

The Customer Dilemma

Oak Tree Mobility had grown rapidly and their operation used many software products that were independent of each other with no integration; it was a massive hinderance to operational growth. They decided to look for a reliable ERP solution to move their entire business to a platform with all departments connected and sharing relevant information. Our customer believed this could bring a new commercial sharpness to operations. They looked at and tried some off-the-shelf ERP products, but none were 100% suitable. The decision to build a bespoke product to completely meet their needs was decided upon.

What We Did

Impact IT built a new software with Lead Management, Sales Management, Warehouse, Customer Service and Delivery modules all integrating together. This allowed our client to keep track of all customer information, from lead generation through to sale, delivery, and customer support. With their new CRM & ERP software solution, automated accounting integrated with sales and stock movement integrated with deliveries, reporting and quality management.

How We Helped

They saw these immediate benefits:

  • Streamlining of sales process, making staff more agile.
  • Real time reporting provided more accurate forecasting.
  • Invoicing times were reduced, giving greater cash flow.
  • Availability of quick and accurate information about sales and customers made organisation more efficient and cost-effective operation.
  • Customer support and faster issue resolution enhanced the brand image and trust.
  • Customer journey improvements were illustrated with higher customer satisfaction scores.