Yell and UK Trade & Investment partnership for SMEs

A partnership between UK Trade & Investment and Yell has recently been announced and an agreement has been created to give guidance and support to small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking to expand to other parts of the world.

The name of the partnership is ‘Open to Export’ and it will provide a platform to UK companies to share intelligence and collaborate about international market opportunities. It will involve discussions about how to enter the market is and how to participate once in.

David Cameron has commented about the partnership saying, “This partnership should allow small businesses in the UK to expand internationally with more ease.” The Minister for trade and investment is Lord Green and he has commented, “Small businesses are a foundation of our economy and their success is key to our economic recovery.

Helping them expand internationally will bring gains to our economy. This new partnership provides a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to come together and share advice and also support each other.”

The CEO of the Yell Group is Mike Pocock and he has said, “Yell is determined to become a leading company for connecting small businesses together and this new platform is a great way to assist businesses that want to expand internationally.”

The chairman of the Yell Group is Bob Wigley, who is also a Business Ambassador to the government. He has said about the portal, “My job is to support small and medium-sized enterprises and this portal is part of my commitment to this role.”

Within the forum small companies will be able to ask questions and get support on how to start off in the export world. There will also be several guides written by experts available on the portal and there are several informative blogs and articles.