Write a business book to enhance your reputation in business

With 2011 predicted to be a tough year for businesses, becoming an author with Live It Publishing gives professionals the chance of securing kudos and status in their field of expertise and the opportunity to further build their reputation.

Live It Publishing is an innovative, progressive multimedia ‘Partnership Publishing House’ that offers a cost effective, competitive, first class service. Authors not only retain literary control of their work during the process, but are also coached to ensure their books meet the readers’ requirements and support their overall business goals.

This accessible service makes it affordable, fast and easy for professionals in the alternative therapies, business, personal development, management, psychology, self-help, social issues and sports sectors to be published and stand out in an increasingly busy marketplace.

Murielle Maupoint, Managing Director at Live It Publishing, said, “We coach each author from the initial writing stages through to publication, distribution and marketing. We tend to work with small business owners and self-employed professionals who, by writing a book, can further capitalise on their intellectual property, boost their professional credibility and enhance their business potential.”

She added, “As well as being the founder of the Live It, I am an entrepreneur, Executive Coach and the author of The Essential NLP Practitioner’s Handbook, How to Succeed as an NLP Therapist & Coach. This combination means I really understand the needs of professionals who specialise in these sectors and the various ways they can build a successful business and reputation, and being a published author is certainly a great string to add to your bow.”

Helen Emms, author of Achieving Peak Performance in Tennis, commented, “Publishing with Live It was so easy and has made a real difference to the way my experience and expertise are perceived by clients and contemporaries.  The book has boosted my reputation, makes me stand out from other coaches, gives me an additional income and is used as PR and marketing tool. Live It Publishing offers a trustworthy, constructive environment for writing a book people want to read, and a book that could make all the difference to your success – it’s a win, win situation!”

For more information go to www.liveitpublishing.com