Workplace safety for your employees

Accident at work claims are a threat that employers have looming over them if they fail to take health and safety standards seriously. Having to pay out compensation is not only costly in terms of money, but in terms of the time and effort that can be spent trying to defend yourself as an employer.

Of course, it’s not just because of money that you should care for your employees, however, as an employer, you have a moral obligation to keep the people who work for you safe. Moreover, by showing that you care for your employees they are less likely to seek out accident claim solicitors in the event that they are involved in an accident at work.

Your Legal Obligation

As an employer, you are legally responsible for the people who work for you and you are legally obliged to ensure that your employees are safe in their place of work. This means, that as an employer, you must make sure that any wherever your employees are, if they are working under your charge, that they are safe. Failure to do so could leave you open to personal injury claims.

Your employees have various basic rights. You need to ensure that they are able to work in a safe and healthy environment that has been risk assessed and removed of any immediate danger. As an employer, you also need to make sure that you provide your employees with any safety equipment and safety training that they may require to carry out their work as safely as possible.

What to Expect of your Employees

Of course, the onus of health and safety does not fall solely at your feet, your employees have responsibilities too. As the employer, you should expect that your workers to take reasonable care of their own health and safety, such as dressing appropriately or tying back long hair or headscarves should they be working with machinery.

Striving for safety together

Because health and safety is such a vital issue, it is important that as the employer, that you are seen to be taking charge of the issue. It can help if you hold health and safety seminars with workers to discuss how either party feel about the safety standards at work. Here your employees can be openly encouraged to air any concerns that they may have about working conditions, which can be a lot less intimidating for them than having to report concerns directly by their own accord.

By working side by side, you and your employees should be able to build mutual trust and improve health and safety standards together.