Will David Cameron clear the way for small business

At the recent Conservative Party conference, PM David Cameron, promised those present that his government is committed to help out small businesses by eliminating stumbling blocks and bottlenecks within certain government departments.

In a bold statement, especially considering elections in the near future, Cameron came out in support of small business in an effort to accelerate economic recovery and growth. Mr. Cameron has said that he sees the small private sector as the sector with the biggest growth potential and the vehicle to drive recovery after a disastrous 2009 and 2010.
In a speech reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher, Cameron vowed to eliminate those government officials (calling them the “enemies of enterprise”) interfering with the development and growth of small business in the country. Cameron continued by highlighting some key areas of concern. These areas include the over abundance of rules and regulations for smaller business, delayed planning decisions and those government officials who seem to think that small business is beneath their concern. He also stressed that small businesses need to be given the opportunity to benefit from larger contracts and to start receiving fair access to business opportunities that could lead to quicker economic recovery.

Showing full commitment to supporting these small businesses, Cameron stated that the country needs to support the growth of small business and the government has to do everything in their power to help them grow, increasing employment and investing in the economic re-growth. Now that the interest rate is very low, it is time for small business to seize the moment and the government needs to support this as much as possible.

David Frost, of the Chamber of Commerce said that this is an excellent initiative by the prime minister but much must be done to ensure that these are not just empty words and that strong action is taken to support these strong words.