Why not reward your staff with a touch of luxury?

TicketsToSee are a London specialist who supplying VIP packages and those ‘gold dust tickets’ for events that are sold out. They are now encouraging businesses to give their employees a reward by treating them to a corporate hospitality package.

These most reliable of ticket suppliers are continuing to raise the bar in terms of quality, and are now urging employers to take advantage of their brilliant and exclusive hospitality packages which are available right across London. Packages or premium tickets are often purchased by Businesses as corporate gifts for their clients, but now TicketsToSee also want to see employees get rewarded and are providing an exclusive service just for them.

It is important to make workers feel valued, and taking the workforce to a sporting match which is hard to obtain tickets for or a highly anticipated theatre performance is sure to lift morale and boost productivity in the office.

Ken Peach, of TicketsToSee, says “The benefits of employee gift giving are endless, and nothing will make hard workers feel more valued than a trip to an exclusive event in the heart of London. Whether it’s an evening at the opera or a day out at the Chelsea Flower Show, we can obtain the best seats and VIP access for any event, even if it is sold out. Our VIP corporate hospitality packages are often used as a means of client entertaining, but we feel the need to make a case for employee entertaining as well. Not only will a company trip increase morale, wellbeing and productivity, it will also encourage team bonding; and our hospitality packages are perfectly suited for professional business socialising events.”

Organising a whole company trip, or just rewarding the highest achieving employees ticks all the boxes for good business practice; it will improve wellbeing and encourage positivity in the workplace, it will boost productivity in the office and promote social bonding within employees. In the long term, organising social events on a regular basis will lead to a reduction in absenteeism and long term sickness, which is always a positive for any employer.

The range of corporate packages offered by TicketsToSee range from high profile sporting events such as Wimbledon tennis championship and Six Nations rugby matches, to the more common choice of horse racing events and the Cheltenham Hunt Festival. For a more musical affair, choose from theatre, ballet and opera packages that guarantee guests the best seats in the West End. Alternatively, for a more cultured evening TicketsToSee can obtain VIP tickets to the Last Night of the Proms or the Chelsea Flower Show.

Ken added, “Everyone deserves a taste of luxury lifestyle at some point in their life. Our premium selection of VIP and corporate hospitality packages are the ideal way to treat your employees to a special night of well deserved extravagance.”

To find out more about TicketsToSee and their wide variety of exclusive events they supply to, visit http://www.ticketstosee.com/