What to look for in a Commercial Property Solicitor

If you are looking at going into business for the first time, or expanding your empire, then you may well need to find suitable commercial premises from which to operate your business. If this is the case then you should be looking at engaging the services of a commercial property solicitor who specialises in this field and will take you through every step of the process so you never feel uneasy or overwhelmed.

When it comes to your initial meeting there will be undoubtedly plenty of questions you want answering, particularly if this is your first venture into the world of commercial property. With this in mind, the following are some of the most important things you will need to know about and how well they deal with your questions regarding these areas will go a long way towards what you should be looking for in a commercial property solicitor.

When it comes to property contracts, while it may seem obvious what this entails there is some extremely rigid criteria that must be met as the law which governs the purchase and use of commercial properties is very different from the ones for domestic properties. As these laws can be complex at the best of times, this is just another reason why you hire a specialist commercial property solicitor such as Rollingson’s (http://www.rollingsons.co.uk/Commercial-Property-Solicitors).

Business leasehold agreements are the commercial solicitors’ bread and butter, and they have to be up to mark every time when it comes to the current legislation surrounding the leasing of business premises. The solicitor you hire should be advising you as to which is the best way to proceed when you are looking for a new commercial property, and whether you will be better off taking the leasehold option or purchasing the property.

Business property mortgages are exactly what the name suggests; as there are many companies which specialise in business mortgages your solicitor should put you in touch with the best people for your situation. This is another tricky area of business law and any mistakes made here can have long term detrimental effects on your business, so your legal team need to fully aware of all the very latest products is commercial finance.

A popular way at the minute for the owner of an SME, or Small and Medium sized Enterprise, to expand is through a self invested personal pension, or SIPPS. These are very useful in that as well as allowing the holder to expand their business properties, and thus their business itself thanks to the extra floor space; it is also used to give the owner a pension. SIPPS have all the advantages of other pension schemes and there can be big advantages for SIPPS holders over the leasehold options available.

Business structure is another area where your solicitor has to be on the ball as your status as either a sole trader, partner, limited company or public limited company etc must be in place before you sign any contracts. The should also advise you on every aspect of what is best for your own business. Contract wise, every business entity has a different position as far as the law is concerned, and your solicitor should fully understand this.