What could a vehicle tracking system bring to your business?

If you own a business it’s human nature to want to protect it and a vehicle tracking system could be the perfect way to do it. Too many people consider vehicle tracking to be spying but really it could turn out to be a huge benefit.

Traditionally fleet owners had no idea about their drivers – or their vehicle’s – whereabouts once they had driven away from the office, a vehicle tracking system means that you can account for the locations of your employees and vehicles at all times and you could even improve the productivity of your service.

A recent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group – who research the effects that technology has on businesses – discovered that businesses attended 23% more service calls when vehicle tracking systems had been installed. During the study they also found that:

there was an average 12.2% increase in profitability
operator compliance was also increased by 27.9%
travel time for each job was reduced by 14.8% on average
overtime pay decreased by 9.9%
fuel costs were reduced by 13.2%

(Details of research found at http://www.approvedindex.co.uk)

Having GPS systems fitted in your vehicles ultimately means that you’ll be travelling alongside your drivers without having to leave the office. You’ll know exactly where they are all the time so as well as being able to monitor time wasters in order to improve the productivity of your business you’ll also be able to help your drivers out if they get lost or stuck too.

If this sounds like something that your business could benefit from and you want reliable software that will help protect you, your business and your employees, help to organise your company as well as reducing overheads and increasing cash flow, then take a look at the variety of service management software by Key Computer Applications Ltd. and give them a call for a free, no obligation demo.