What are the Top 10 CV hiccups

A list has been compiled showing the top 10 blunders that people make on their CV’s. Intapeople, the specialist recruitment consultants have released the list to make people aware of what they should, and shouldn’t put on their CV’s. Included in the list is a candidate who said that his favourite sporting activity was ‘getting a sun tan’.

Another clanger was dropped by the woman who thought her CV would stand out by being typed in capital letters. Intapeople have done a lot of research into this subject and the results are damning. Many interviews now are based on what is written on a CV, and out of 600 that were submitted by jobseekers, 29% were found to contain serious spelling and/or grammatical errors.

The top ten CV hiccups are as follows:

1.)    Under his ‘Key Attributes’, one jobseeker thought that it would be wise to put ‘BMW owner’ and ‘steely blue eyes’.

2.)    One candidate chose to use an expanded picture of his face as the background for every page of his CV.

3.)    One individual submitted a CV spanning 20 pages. If that wasn’t worrying enough, 19 of the 20 pages included his top 10 favourite singles, albums, films and television shows for every decade since 1950.

4.)    One candidate observed: ‘Attention to detail is one of my key strengths’.

5.)    One person described his favourite sport as ‘sun tanning’.

6.)    In a bold red font, one unfortunate finance manager put the words ‘Went Bankrupt’ next to her previous three employers.

7.)    One particularly loud candidate decided to submit her entire CV in capital letters.

8.)    One overly passionate individual said that he had ‘an extremely disgusting fetish’ for print, packaging, and creative design.

9.)    In applying for an IT vacancy, one individual opened his CV with ‘I have a strong interest in Aerobics which I take part in every evening’. He went on to explain that his dream was to open up his very own aerobics studio.

10.) Beneath the ‘Core Skills’ section of her CV, one individual wrote: ‘I am great with animals as I have three cats of my own and a hamster.’