Welsh company does deal with Chinese giant

A company in Wales has recently secured a deal with the Sany Group, a giant Chinese manufacturing company. The agreement is going to bring 20 jobs to west Wales and the deal will involve many types of heavy machinery created by the company being brought to the UK. The news has just come ahead of economic and trading talks that are due to take place between China and the United Kingdom in Cardiff this week.

Speakers at the event include the business secretary Vince Cable and Lord Green. The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, will also be at the event. The conference is going to be about discussing co-operation between small enterprises in both China and the UK and about the different investment opportunities that exist between the two countries.

It is expected that around 40 representatives from Chinese companies will be at the event, including representatives from the Sany Group. Edwina Hart is the business minister in Wales and she has recently commented, “For a small company in Wales to sign such a big contract with such a big manufacturing giant in China is very impressive and a significant achievement for them.

China is a great source of trading opportunities for companies in Wales and it is great to hear that Tramor is a part of this growing relationship.” The Sany Group is the largest manufacturer in the world of concrete machinery and it employs 70,000 people around the globe.

The president of the Heavy Industry Group, a division of Sany, is Xiang Wenbo, and he has said, “Customers from different regions have different requirements and we are all about providing what our partners need in the area they are from. We have a great focus on localisation and it is a very important part of our business operation.”

The director of Tramor is John Lewis who has said, “This is a very good move for the UK construction industry and we hope that is has a positive economic impact on Wales.” Mr Lewis said they managed to secure the contract by heading to China and asking the company personally whether they wanted to do business.

Mr Lewis added, “We thought that there might be a need for another brand of machinery in the UK and we did a lot of research into different companies. Sany quickly became a very good choice for us as it was capable of supplying the equipment that we needed. The company also has an excellent level of workmanship and attention to detail. The quality of the work is actually something I’ve never seen before in my 30 years in this industry.”

It is expected that the first batch of machinery is going to arrive early next year and there will be an official launch run jointly by both companies around this time. People in Wales are expecting that it will bring a great deal of investment to the country as many people will be seeking the products supplied by Sany through Tramor.