Weather crushing small business under the weight of the snow

The foul winter weather is having a bitter effect on small businesses, according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research.  Some 800 small businesses throughout the UK could be in jeopardy.

The weather’s strain on the British economy is not fully known, but it is estimated that the harsh weather could be costing as much as £1 billion daily.  Some experts dispute that sum and say the numbers are closer to £250 million, with one in ten businesses hit hard.  Either way, Mother Nature is costing the UK.

While businesses such as construction expect delays in operation, they can come back to finish projects after the weather has cleared.  Other operations, like retail, restaurants, and pubs will lose business on a permanent basis.

When restaurant reservations, for example, are cancelled due to inclement weather, the business never gets that night back again to recoup.  If the loss is repeated, night after night, the business could find itself in financial trouble due to bad weather.

When the bad weather is acting in tandem with bad economic conditions, like we have now, businesses that were just managing to maintain could go under.  It is expected that continued poor weather could wipe out several hundred small business operations by cutting cash flow and forcing them into bankruptcy.

The combination of bad weather and the bad economy is going to be the knock out punch for some operations, one expert suggests.  Continued loss of revenue due to poor weather will just break their backs.

Many businesses are doing everything they can to adjust to the conditions, like allowing employees to work at home if it’s feasible and altering hours and schedules to accommodate workers and those who do get out.