Vodafone One Communications for SME’s

Vodafone has introduced a new line of services specifically tailored to meet the needs of medium to small sized business proclaiming that the new hosted Vodafone One Communications packages can help clients reduce their communication costs by 20%.

The new hosted service is called the Vodafone One Net and is available from today. It allows customers to use one phone number for both mobile phones and desks phones with combined mobile voice and fixed line capabilities. Additionally, every call is billed at a flat rate on one invoice and there is one voicemail box for both lines.

The new Vodafone One Net service is very close to the Vodafone One service that enterprises have been able to purchase since June with the main difference being that it is a hosted service instead of one that is located on premise. For smaller businesses Vodafone believes the hosted solution will be easier to use since routing and call handling will be handled by the Vodafone network.

In order to receive the service customers will need to purchase a business grade internet connection from BT and a router which is supplied by Vodafone. From there, businesses can choose from a wide array of mobile handsets from Vodafone along with the option to purchase PC based softphones and IP deskphones.

Vodafone One Net is best suited for businesses that have between 50 to 100 employees but the company is hard at work so that by summer of 2010 the service will be desirable for firms that have five to ten staff members.