Vince Cable claims that the government are listening to SMEs

Secretary of State Vince Cable stated at the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) annual conference that the government is listening to what small businesses need and that they have taken action to address two of the most pressing issues for SMEs, including national insurance and petrol duty.

The FSB conference was full of exciting new products and services that were on display by small business owners. Dozens of small owners had stalls spread out throughout the Leicester conference hall in an effort to get the attention of attendees that wondered by. In addition, those in attendance at the conference could check out each other’s businesses and enjoy the Q&A sessions.

The FSB conference was held two days after the new government budget was announced and it was clear that everyone was eager to have their say from business leaders to MPs.

Cable spoke about the skills and innovation that small businesses bring to the UK market and praised the FSB for speaking about the issues that small businesses are facing. He also added that the government has been listening even if it may not seem as if they have been clued in to what is going on.

Cable went on to say that last year they were most concerned about petrol duty and the UK government has done that. He added that the second issues revolved around hiring new people and affording national insurance and the Government has addressed this issue as well.

He went on to explain that even though times are tough right now there have been some very positive signals that tell SMEs that now is the time to be confident. With more start-ups and new companies popping up everyday new figures show that about six percent of all the public are involved in some type of entrepreneurship event.