Using the Kelley Blue Book

When it comes to selling a car the first thing that most people usually do is check out the Kelley Blue Book price on their vehicle to make sure that they get a great deal on their car.  However, this is not always the best option because the Kelley Blue Book is not always the best indication of how your car is going to perform.  Oftentimes it ends up giving you an unrealistic expectation of how your car will sell, and sometimes it gives you too low of a figure to be reliable.

One of the reasons that you may end up with an unrealistic expectation of how your car will sell is because the dealers know what you will expect, therefore, they take special care to make sure that they offer what you expect but still come out on top.  One way that they do this is by offering you the full blue book knowing that you will jump on the high trade-in value, but then they will not discount your new vehicle very much.  Most of the time a buyer will go for this tactic because they feel so happy about the high trade-in value that they do not pay as much attention to the final price they get offered on the new car as they should.

On the other hand, even if you are not buying a new car you can still end up getting ripped off if you do not get a proper junk car value figure beforehand.  This is due to the fact that junk yards will also attempt to give you the short end of the deal by not offering you the best price for your trade-in.  They want you to think that a car that is not drivable is not worth anything so that you will be happy with just a few hundred pounds for your vehicle or just take it for free with the promise of free towing.

However, this car is worth more than you probably think, given the fact that the parts alone can be sold individually allowing the junk yard to make a great profit by buying it.  Therefore, you may want to think instead about checking out what your junk car is really worth before you actually sell it to anyone to make sure that when you make a final choice you make the most profitable one.

Guest poster Michelle