Using PowerPoint effectively for sales presentations

m62 visualcommunications, a specialist company in presentation effectiveness, has offered some useful tips to ensure that presenters are using their PowerPoint slides as effective visual aids in ssales presentations, by using relevant images and diagrams to illustrate points.

Although millions of PowerPoint presentations are delivered each day, many presenters still do not use slides effectively. According to m62,l two common mistakes are for the presenter to use the slides as cue cards by including too much text; or to include one large image per slide that does not help to explain the point being made.

The danger with using text on a slide is that the audience will read it instead of listening to the presenter, thus disengaging as they do not feel the need to pay attention. This remains true if the text is reduced to bullet points; the audience will still be able to understand each point before it is made, and thus may not deem it necessary to listen to the explanation.

While using a large background image to convey an idea is an improvement from using bullet points, it still does not guarantee audience attention. Unless the picture chosen is strictly relevant to the point being made, there is a risk that the audience will begin to think about the image rather than the message, and thus become lost in their own thoughts.

Instead, presenters should use diagrams, graphs and relevant images to illustrate their points, especially when the presentation is data heavy. PowerPoint slides can be designed to build on each point made, to ensure that emphasis is drawn to the correct point at the right time.

Nicholas Oulton, Founder of m62, commented: “There has been a shift in the way PowerPoint slides are used, and it has definitely been a shift for the better – yet the majority of presenters could still improve further. It is important for presenters to really think about their visual aids: why are they being used? How should the audience feel? If these questions are understood, a presenter’s slides will prove much more effective.”

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