UK SME’s can now advertise on Twitter

Twitter has decided to open up its advertising business to small UK businesses for the first time just one week after it opened its IPO. Twitter made the decision this week to open up its advertising platform to Canada, the UK, and Ireland which will be the first time that it sells ad space to small businesses that operate outside of the United States.

In the past in order to sell on Twitter, companies that existed outside of the US had to first develop a strong relationship with Twitter. This system allowed he site to only be accessible to larger UK companies, and it also reduced the amount of revenue that Twitter was able to raise. However, now the site has opened up the floodgates allowing more small businesses in so that they can hopefully increase revenues.

Product Manager for Twitter, Ravi Narasimhan, stated that all it takes is the ability to Tweet in order to get onto Twitter as an advertiser. He added that if you have a credit card then you can as a small business get onto the website. Plus, as an advertiser the buyer has control of the ads they place, their budget, and the type of audience that they are reaching out too. In addition, advertisers are only charged for their ad space when people choose to retweet, favorite, reply, or follow your advertising Promoted Account. Therefore, there is literally no risk to choosing to advertise on Twitter.

The platform for small businesses to advertise in the UK has been set up with an O2 partnership which has offered its own set of resources and supports to UK SMEs including a new tool that allows interested small businesses to monitor their social media activity online. In addition, O2 is also offer a £50 Twitter ad credit to customers for free if they choose to use the tool.