UK Entrepreneurial website blasted for US bias

Plagued by much criticism, Sub (StartUp Britain), a UK Entrepreneurial website launched last week. Much of the criticism is aimed at the fact that, although the website is touted as being aimed at UK firms and products, much of the promotion work seems to be in the favour of American firms and products. Another complaint is that the content on the site does not seem very useable for UK entrepreneurs at all.

Launched by some very successful entrepreneurs, Sub is a non-profit organization which, seemingly supported by the government, is aimed at the growth and success of the private sector in the country. However, for all the hype, some of the decisions made by the owners of the website seem to be out of place. Directing users to US based companies when there are plenty of perfectly good UK companies is a good example.

Industry experts seem to feel that the website has made a huge mistake in directing their users to US based companies instead of UK ones. This has effectively rendered the site useless for its intended purpose. Dot Design’s Gareth Coxon explains by saying the site is more a collection of links than a useful resource portal for start-up business and entrepreneurs.

However, all is not lost for the site. After receiving complaints the owners of the site seem to be taking the complaints of their users to heart. Already, a link to a US based company has been replaced with a link to a local company that performs the same functions.

Coxon says that the site is a good starting point but, unless some hard work is put in to make the site more true to is purported purpose, it will not be used and fail in its ultimate goal. Hopefully, Sub can work hand-in-hand with the other new business website, Better Business Finance (BBF), to fulfil the government’s hope to nurture Britain’s entrepreneurial talent and promote economic growth through growth in the private sector.