Transport for London trying to help business survive the Olympic stampede

Transport for London (TfL) and London 2012 will being having free workshops and tools to help firms try and reduce transport disruptions in their operations while the city hosts the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Announced today the new programmes strive to help the small and medium businesses (SMEs) plus the multisite firms to devise and implement plans of action for staff, suppliers and access by customers to their establishments.

The programmes will have advice specific to a particular type of business as well as workshops that are designed to be free drop ins held across the country. During the 2012 summer there will be millions of trips that are additional to the normal activity and the network of transportation will be affected severely.

London 2012 is coordinating with TfL to have a myriad of free advice for businesses of any size to help guarantee their customers, suppliers and staff are able to move about, with making and receiving deliveries a priority.

Starting in August multi sites with over 200 people employed like hotels, restaurants and pubs can receive bespoke information to give them the means to set up and implement travel action plans of their own. At least 100 multisite operators will be worked with under the new programme developed by London 2012 and TfL.

Each of the sessions will aid the firms in managing the impact of the Games on business operations, staff and how to optimize deliveries and freight during the time the Games are on.

Plus there will be more than 50 workshops held throughout the country that begin in August and run until the summer of 2012. An online tool has also been developed to help businesses think about what key issues will most affect them during the Olympic Games of 2012.