Transform your windows with cheap venetian blinds

Whatever you hang up at your windows is seen from both the outside and the in, so putting something up that is smart and aesthetically pleasing will be enjoyed when you are in your home and create a good impression for those who are passing by. Long gone are the days when every house you passed had net curtains in a variety of patterns at every window, and blinds were wholeheartedly embraced when they came into vogue.

The cost of dressing your windows has increased over the years, but those who know where to look can still create the impression they want whilst saving money into the bargain. Venetian blinds are perennial favourites but some see them as rather old fashioned, and still visualise the old type venetian blind with the cheap, plastic slats in various colours not dissimilar from a deckchair.

It is obvious these people haven’t looked at modern venetian blinds, as they are quite simply one of the most versatile kind of blind to put up at your window. Now available in both a huge range of materials and colours, there has been a huge resurgence of interest in these blinds recently as vertical blinds have gone somewhat out of  vogue due to them becoming so common.

Cheap venetian blinds are very easy to find and are the cheapest way of bringing your windows to life and giving them a whole new look. Whether you want wood or aluminium, the new blinds on the market are made to measure, easy to fit and incredibly easy to keep clean, which was a major problem with the original venetian blinds as they seemed to be veritable dust magnets.

Take a quick look online at websites such as blinds-2go to get a proper idea of what is currently on the market. The aluminium blinds are clean and crisp looking and come in every colour of the spectrum, and then some. They also come in wood effect finishes such as beech, cherry wood, oak and redwood, and these give you the stylish finish of wood with the easy maintenance of aluminium.

The prices of cheap venetian blinds will also be a pleasant surprise, as you can dress several windows with them for the price you could pay for only one vertical blind. The maintenance is a major factor too, and eliminates the hassle of taking down blinds, putting them through the washing machine then fiddling about re-attaching them and replacing the weights and beading.

Those who want to be bang on trend will already have venetian blinds at their windows, and there will also be those who are considering it but aren’t aware of the choice available or how cost effective they can be. Whether your current blinds are looking a bit tatty, or you simply fancy a change, check out the modern selection of venetian blinds and give your windows a makeover that look equally attractive whether inside or out.