Traditional business plans do not work

Often, traditional business plans do not work because while they should be the driving force behind a business according to the textbooks, business plans are not always flexible enough to meet the demands of the modern business world.

The aim of a business is to help a business work towards it s goals, however, most business plans are written, filed, and then never seen again.  This is the main problem with a business plan, in order for it to actually work it has to be alive and present in the business.  Every day in a business things change and while the final goal may change an adaptable business plan will change with it so that a suitable path can be discerned.

Since a business plan will not evolve on its own, a better path to success includes a strategic business plan.  This type of strategy begins with a vision of how the company should operate and look and then looks back to see where the business sits at the moment.  It also looks closely at the qualifications, systems, current strategies, organizational hierarchy, and tactics.

By taking a look at the business in this light, the plan is able to accurately identify what the business needs to do in order to turn its original vision into reality.  To make this happen a strategic business plan needs to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ascertain where progress is being made and what can be adapted so that further progress can be made.