Trade show benefits for your business

Exhibitions have a long standing history of bringing together buyers and sellers, both at B2B and B2C level.  Their expansion throughout the decades is obvious as today more and more businesses from a wide amount of industries, spanning from aviation to weddings get popup gazebo to use in order to use the event as an effective promotional tool and generate brand awareness for their business.  Trade shows present businesses with the opportunity to create brand recognition with their potential customers that they may not otherwise be able to reach.

Trade Shows by nature are specific to every market, for which means that the visitors who are attracted to the specific events will mostly be the businesses target audience.  This gives them the opportunity to be recognised by potential customers and promote what they have to offer.  In addition trade shows are a way for companies to strengthen and reinforce current customer relations as not only do they give customers the platform to express positive criticism, they also obtain the assurance that the company that they’ve bought from previously are continuing to promote  their commodities and are seeking to enhance brand awareness.  For some industries, trade shows can be on a local, national or international level.  This gives companies the chance to specifically pinpoint niches based upon geographic positioning or the mass-markets.  The benefit of this is that the marketing message expressed to its customer base can be modified appropriately in order to it generates the highest possible interest.

Exhibitions are just one of the very few marketing methods that allow for two-way communication between current or potential customer with the businesses that they may consider buying from.  This makes it an exclusive and popular marketing tool as client grievances or enquiries can be dealt with face to face whilst presenting companies the chance to obtain valuable feedback from previous and present customers.  Trade shows are also a great way for businesses to showcase their current and forthcoming product lines which works well because they can either increases of a product that is in the final stages of the product life cycle or whet the appetite of those at the show with what is coming soon in the future and draw up a list of potential customers.

In relation to demonstrating the products and services, it gives business executives the chance to walk around the show themselves and check up on what competitors are doing and provide ideas on how their business can improve what they’re selling.

But with so many companies exhibiting, how can businesses distinguish themselves from the competition?  There’s a number of means that can be used in order to lure the masses, which is the first step to generating leads.  Visibility is crucial and having a stand adjacent to the entrance, near the refreshments or toilets can all be influential positions to be located in.  The down side is that these premium spots are sold at… a premium and are normally the first to be taken.  In the event that this transpires, there is an abundance of display stands and popup gazebos easily available to acquire and many are able to be personalised with a company name, logo or motto which can be identified straight away and draw interest.

Complimentary or heavily reduced promotional gifts are additional way to create awareness to a company’s stand.  If this is not feasible, visitors often expect brochures as a minimum.  If budgets permit, free branded gifts such as pens and key rings can retain an individual’s knowledge of a company and often they can be sourced at low cost.  Imagination can often be key here.

Trade Shows can be an emphatic way for businesses to generate business whilst reinforcing existing relationships with consumers which makes them a serious contender as one of the best marketing mediums to generate a high ROI.