Thorworld Industries rebrand themselves as part of growth push

Thorworld Industries, the leading loading and unloading equipment specialists, have announced that they have created a new brand identity for themselves that they hope will help to quash economic fears as the company plans to move forward with SMEs.

The new brand slogan is ‘Loading and Unloading with Confidence’ and is aimed at showing UK businesses that even in the face of economic turbulence they can survive. Thorworld itself has over thirty years experience in the manufacture and supply of yard ramps and other loading and unloading goods during which they have seen the UK business market hit hard.

However, this means they have also seen the business market recover, and for this reason Thorworld believes that growth is only prevented right now by uncertainty of other businesses that o not want to invest in materials. The issue is usually more concerning for SMEs who are afraid that they will invest too much, bu they are the businesses that often benefit the most from the unloading and loading processes that Thordworld has to offer.

Business leader Meale explained that a lot of companies think that they cannot afford to purchase loading equipment when really they cannot afford to pass on it. This is due to the fact that loading equipment makes practices safer and more effective. By not utilizing the tools that are out there on the market the entire factory process is slowed down.

Meale added that the costs that can come from one accident while loading can quickly mount up when you factor in repair bills, immediate downtime, legislative fines, and court settlements which can combine to cripple a company’s financial statement. On the other hand, all of this can be avoided and deliveries can become much more efficient with proper loading equipment.