The progress in ICT that is cloud technology

Of the many developments that have been made in ICT, Information Communication Technology, during the past decade, one of the key game changers has been cloud computing, which offers far reaching benefits for the business world. Although it seems as if new technological innovations are appearing on a daily basis, cloud is an ICT solution able to add value to every business, whether they be a home based micro business or a multi national corporation.

It is worth noting that the sector of the business market most ideally positioned to be transformed by cloud technology isn’t one that would traditionally reap the rewards of the huge developments in cyberspace; SMEs.

Even though they are seen as the backbone of the British economy, and account for 99.9% of every private sector business that has started up since the beginning of 2012, they would not have traditionally needed complex solutions in IT, but they stand to greatly benefit from cloud computing.

The results of recent research carried out by the FSB, Federation of Small Businesses, has just been published, and it clearly demonstrated that investing in technology is an innovation driver for all small businesses. Despite these findings, the FSB also found that only around 25% of small firms were actively investing in such technology as cloud, even though it is a fact that by using this service they have a powerful way of accessing a customer base on a global scale, as well as making their mark on the highly lucrative international stage.

Those SMEs who are embracing technology are growing faster, exporting more and employing more staff. Cloud technology offers UK SMEs the chance to compete on an international level like never before, as well as cement their place in the highly competitive home grown market.