The Many Benefits of Company Cars

The company car is still something that’s quite common in a number of different sectors, and it’s easy to see why. There are many ways in which a company can benefit from the use of these vehicles.

In this day and age, the average business has much more choice when it comes to selecting a company car. Even a Lexus Company Car, for instance, offers a wide and varied choice. Whether you want the spacious and stylish LS, or the sleek and sporty IS, the full range which is available is truly staggering.

Uses for a Company Car

The major benefits of a company car come from how it is used. If a company applies its company cars correctly, in more ways than for simple driving needs, then it could potentially find the use of such vehicles a very rewarding part of their business practice.


Obviously, the main purpose of any car is to be a reliable means of travel. A reliable vehicle is absolutely vital if you are in an industry such as sales, where travelling is a major part of the job. Whilst some would leave the actual choice of vehicle up to the staff member in question, it is often advisable to take a more direct role and offer a company car. At the very least, your choice of car will ensure that the employees and salesmen in question can get to where they need to be on time. Any sensible company owner is fully aware of the dangers of arriving late or leaving things up to chance. This is particularly true when dealing with important meetings or clients.


As part of an employee benefits package, a company car can also be very tempting to staff. Attaching this option to certain positions demonstrates that you have a great deal of faith in the person in question. This can be a really positive way of establishing a good bond with your staff and highlighting the fact that there are tangible rewards on offer for hard work and dedication.

This is great internally, but it also has major benefits externally. It is absolutely undeniable that a company car can project a company’s image in a number of different ways. As such, it’s a great incentive to draw in potential new recruits, demonstrating the success of your company.

Company Image

As has already been hinted at, potential new employees are likely to see the company car as a sign of your company’s successful image. However, the same can also be true of customers and this could prove to be invaluable in the long term.

Business is often about image. If you want to make a first impression, something that is often important in sales, then the car you arrive in will certainly help. The range of cars available from Lexus, for instance, lend themselves well to this, allowing your staff to arrive in sleek and stylish fashion, helping to offer a positive image of your company at all times.