The Keys to Successful Event Marketing

The world of business is competitive to say the least, making it necessary to do everything you can to make your brand stand out.

Once your brand is well recognised established customers will come to you, but in order to make that happen you need to go to your customers and show them the perks and advantages of your product.

Event marketing is a great way to get started in this area, as it allows you to go to where your audience is and create a situation where your brand cannot be ignored.

Some people will approach you because your product seems interesting, others will come to you just out of curiosity. They may not be potential clients but they will remember your brand if they ever need it. Event marketing is all about being seen and becoming recognised but in order to achieve that you need to do something memorable.

When planning an event it is important to be creative. People have blown up armoured cars to promote Facebook games, staged snowboarding shows and offered surprise concerts; the key here is to be flashy and creative. Create something that cannot be overlooked, something that will make passers-by think “Oh! What’s that?” That’s the kind of show you are going for, the kind of impact you want to achieve.

If all you have is a small kiosk in a shopping centre next to a shop that seems to have received its last customer in 1983, then your event marketing is not going to work.

Event marketing has to take place on two fronts. One is the actual event where you are showing your brand, logo, slogan and details. The other is social media.

Create a hashtag, so people can tweet about it and promote your brand to their followers as well. Give them the chance to become fans of your Facebook page right then and there. Part of your social media strategy should be to follow up on the event. People already liked your page, so the follow up should be to provide them with engaging and relevant content.

If you can, make the event interactive so people can have a picture or a story to tell. For the Electronics Entertainment Expo, French publisher Ubisoft set up a bungee jumping station in order to promote their products. This generated a maelstrom of tweets, Facebook posts and conversations, and they all had Ubisoft’s name in them.

If you can add a little something extra and give the people participating in your event a little souvenir, you can keep the memory of your brand alive for longer.

In the end, the key to event marketing is creativity and branding. Events are usually not cheap, so it is best to optimise them as much as possible and brand them as much as you can.

Some companies consider events a waste of resources, but in reality you are spending money on brand awareness. If you create something that people remember then you’ve already won.