The future of unlimited 3g

When 3G was first announced in the mobile community many providers instantly started offering plans for unlimited access to the high speed network in an effort to compete with each other.

In this new marketplace, unlimited plans were highly popular as they prevented users from suffering outrageous internet overage charges and the word unlimited in itself was very attractive to the eager mobile phone user, as it allowed free reign on a mobile phone.  However, the future of unlimited 3G is now hanging by a thread as the mobile community continues to grow and bandwidth is quickly being eaten up.

While a huge amount of users is essentially the goal of the mobile market, the downside of this eventuality is that the more users are on the 3G network the slower it will run overall.

This has led to many major mobile carriers pulling their unlimited 3G plans from their offerings in an effort to reduce the traffic and congestion that heavily populated mobile usage areas suffer from.  While this initially has led to widespread consumer outrage, the truth is that the move is more economical for consumers as well as practical for mobile companies than it may at first seem.

Leading mobile networks issued statements defending their similar decisions to remove unlimited 3G offers by explaining the average user consumption of data.  These figures are relevant given the fact that they match up with most of the major mobile providers across the world as well.

According to the providers, only 2% of their entire unlimited 3G customer base actually consumed more than 2GB of data on a monthly basis.  However, 3% of their customer base contributed to 40% of the network usage.  The assumption that can be gleamed from these statistics: most people are overpaying for services that they do not need, and those that actually utilize it are a burden to the rest of the mobile society.

Thus, while the disappearance of unlimited 3G network packages or the restriction of the term “unlimited” from the market may at first seem negative, the truth is that smaller package offerings will save the average consumer a large amount of money over a contract time span and help reduce the amount of congestion that the 3G networks are facing.

Additional options such as free sim cards only deals that offer 3G access as needed will help to relieve the price tag and congestion over the networks, creating a better 3G network for all, even if it does have limits.