The effort put in by all ensured the great success of the Olympics and Paralympics

This year, the Olympic Games and Paralympic games in London were a huge success, and this is largely due to the huge amount of effort that was put in by all people involved with this epic sporting event. One of the companies that was heavily involved with the games was Cisco Systems, and it seems they have left a legacy after the games which is going to be appreciated by the small and medium-sized enterprise community.

As part of their plans for the games, the company have also opened to innovation centres, which are going to allow SMEs to benefit from improved networking. One of the centres is going to be based in Stratford, and the other one in Shoreditch. Here there is going to be a state-of-the-art facility with a focus on allowing small companies to develop new technologies.

This is something that is going to be a big opportunity for SME’s, and it is part of a scheme that it is hoped will open up opportunities and collaborations between small companies as well as entrepreneurs and educational establishments. David Cameron has commented about this, “This is a great statement of support for SME’s in the country and I really hope that it is going to create a whole new world of opportunities and jobs for people.”

Cisco has a big role in the Olympic Games, and it seems as if this is something that they wish to continue in the area after the Olympic Games finished. They are hoping to bring a great deal of assistance to the next generation of high-technology firms in the UK, and driver more positive economic vision for the future.