The Business Printers’ marketing messages delivered in under 5 Seconds

They say you have just seven seconds to make your first impression on a potential client or contact – but one London-based printing company is helping businesses get their marketing messages across in five seconds or less with a bespoke design service that ticks every box.

The Business Printers is one of the capital’s leading printing services, providing exceptional business materials like flyers, letterheads, business cards and compliment slips to organisations across London. Their bespoke design service helps businesses to convey crucial marketing messaging and slogans within a matter of seconds, ensuring that anyone who lays eyes on these printed materials comes away with a great first impression.

Amrit Dhangal, of The Business Printers , says, “The window of opportunity to get your message across is incredibly small – experts say that it takes just seven seconds for someone to develop an impression of your brand and your marketing messages. With a bold and innovative bespoke design service here at The Business Printers, we can help get those messages across in five seconds flat – and we can also help to ensure that all impressions of your printed materials are nothing but positive.”

He adds, “Our design team will consult with all businesses to ensure we’re communicating their ideas in the way they intended, and with our cutting-edge printing methods and vast selection of paper sizes and types, we’re confident that we’ve created a potent recipe for marketing success.”

The design team at The Business Printers first establish the aim of the print, so that they can more effectively communicate the right ideas. They consider the client’s branding, the target demographic and where the print will go in order to get an idea of who their design should appeal to.

But the work doesn’t stop there – the team will also establish how the success of the print will be measured, to further improve the design. If the aim of a leaflet is to encourage email sign-ups, how can the design be enhanced to help achieve that aim? If the main target of a leaflet is to direct recipients to a landing page, how can the design be altered to channel interested parties to the website?

Businesses in the twenty-first century are increasingly struggling to attract the attention of new clients or potential leads – especially with so many technological distractions. With well-designed print materials that communicate a strong message in five seconds flat, businesses can capture and hold the attention of their target demographic, leading to a greater chance of meeting their business goals.

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