The Business Crime Index highlights Halifax

AXA’s business crime statistics show that the city with the most business crime is Halifax with Wolverhampton businesses most at threat of theft and businesses in Kilmarnock facing the threat of arson.

The Business Crime Index from AXA points to cities in the North and West Midlands as the hardest hit areas for crime due to the severity of the economic crisis in these areas.

The fear for these locations is that during the Christmas season crime in these areas will continue to increase, especially in retail locations due to the high amount of stock and cash that will be on hand.

During the first six months of 2009 the AXA report states that one in 16 Halifax businesses was a victim of crime with malicious damage the most often complaint.

On a regional basis, the Greater London area placed high on the list with six different postcode areas listed within the top twenty crime regions of Britain.

Included were the areas of North West England, Yorkshire & the Humber, and the West Midlands.

This reflects the belief by economic analysts that the North and the West Midlands has been affected by the economic downfall the most.
Scotland fared well on the list, with only one region, Motherwell, in the top twenty down near the bottom at 17th place.

Before Christmas shopping officially begins the AXA has recommended that to avoid becoming a victim of crime, businesses should make sure their stock is fully insured and that all alarms and security exits are not blocked by extra Christmas stock.