The Benefits of a Masters Degree

In these times of economic woe, the job market is becoming increasingly competitive. Many of the applicants for the jobs that are available are graduates with professional experience. Increasingly, employers are looking for candidates with more experience or qualifications who stand out from the crowd.

If you are in this position, then a postgraduate qualification is one way to improve your career opportunities. A Master’s degree, like those offered by Middlesex University, will open doors that might not otherwise be available to a candidate without one.


Middlesex University offers Master’s degrees in a wide variety of subjects, from business-related MBAs to technical qualifications in computing and similar advanced subjects. Usually applicants will need a first degree or professional experience in a similar area to what they will be studying. Middlesex University specializes in computing, business and the arts.

Study at Middlesex University

Students will normally study for a Master’s degree as a full-time student for one year, although part-time, distance learning and work-based learning options are also available. Depending on your personal circumstances, one of these might be more suitable than the others.

The main university campus is located in Hendon, which is convenient for public transport and close to the A1, M1 and M25. The other main sites are in the nearby areas of Trent Park and Archway. Middlesex University also has sites in Dubai and Mauritius offering overseas students the chance to earn a qualification from a British university from these great places.

Benefits of a Masters Degree

A business that gives an employee the opportunity to study for a postgraduate qualification will certainly benefit from the skills and knowledge that they gain during the study period. Not only that, but the employee often remains loyal to the company and continues to work longer than normally.

The Downside

It takes a lot of hard work to study for a master’s degree, so any employees in this position needs to have enough free time and the self-motivation to complete all of the work. Students will not have too much spare time for the duration of the course, and may need some extra time off work to study. It is also a big financial commitment, but the long-term benefits are certainly worth the financial and time costs.
A master’s degree is a great way to improve the career prospects of a student and it can also give great benefits to a business that sponsors employees through the course.

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