Take One Small Step with Barclay’s

Take One Small Step is Barclay’s annual competition where wannabee entrepreneurs and small businesses have the chance to win £50,000 each by presenting and bringing to fruition Britain’s best business ideas. A shortlist of 27 business ideas representing nine different regions, with three from each region will be made and the details will be available on takeonesmallstep.co.uk

There will be nine winners of £50,000 to be used in their business along with mentoring and business advice from Barclays and the public will be able to vote for who the want. Louise Hall and Claire Heafford, of The Papered Parlour, won £50,000 for their South London craft and design studio, last year.

In order to offer craft workshops from dressmaking to photography and provide space for artists the two opened the business in May 2009 and they said that by winning the contest they were able to take their business to the next level and promote our profile. The competition is a celebration of people with passion and ambition with a great business idea.