Take a look at the world’s largest source of business sustainability data

We want to encourage transparency and accuracy in carbon, energy, water and waste reporting

• Aims to become de facto business scorecard for carbon, energy, waste and water
• Over 4000 case studies on launch reveal cost-cutting potential
• Over 17000 profiles in total and rising
• Targets 9m global profiles to help businesses cut costs

Ecodesk, the data publishing website has put together a profile showing the strategies regarding the use of renewable energy sources from 4000 of the largest companies in the world. It also takes into the consideration the savings they are making cost wise, and that makes this the largest database, that is free for the public to access, of energy, water, business carbon and waste scores in the world.

The 4000 companies included in this study have already saved millions by reporting and then analysing their own data through the Ecodesk site. Amongst the many famous names in this database  are the likes of  Microsoft and DHL. The site, which has now officially launched, has been funded by £1.5m from government and private equity grants, has for the first time made scores of carbon data comparable and free.

In total, there are more than 17,000 profiles available to view,and this new functionality allows all sized companies to set up and then manage a  strategy of sustainability by using free online tools that are already familiar and  simple to use. These are similar to the ones used on Facebook and LinkedIn, so organisations are also able to control their profiles from the site.

The CEO of Ecodesk, Robert Clarke, has said that they want to encourage both accuracy and transparency in the reporting of energy, carbon, waste and water, which will in turn help businesses to save money whilst also stimulating investment in renewable energy and green technology.

He added there are enormous economic and business opportunities available in this sector that as yet haven’t been recognised, and Ecodesk was here to change that once and for all.

Website functionality includes:

• Free creation and management of sustainability profiles for any size of organisation
• Full scale analytics and comparisons, using interactive graphics, or carbon, waste, water, energy data by country and industry sector
• Resources including reports, guides, ebooks, software, training apps and linkback widgets

“The sustainability industry has grown up and moved into hard economics,” added Clarke. “Ecodesk is about helping businesses realise cost savings by providing a platform for measurement guidance and publishing. With a profile and as a result of SEO, it becomes the most public visible record of a company’s sustainability. We support every measurement standard, including BSI, GRI and WRI in our self-edit environment. This is about having a strong business case to use sustainability to cut costs. Good environmental stewardship is a natural product of this firm foundation. Ecodesk is what buyers, investors, researchers, analysts and the public think about your company, so increasingly having a profile will be part of every company’s sustainability programme.”

The site is backed by a team of individual investors, including Gareth Hughes, founder of US Dollars 1.5bn investment fund Climate Change Capital, and tech ‘dragons’ Mark Adorian and Rory Curran.

For more information on individual companies visit www.ecodesk.com