Supply National SME Engagement Programme

BiP Solutions, known for business intelligence, started a revamped Supply National SME Engagement Programme ( ), targeting start-ups and small businesses, is a free service. The programme is designed to put the business intelligence in the hands of small businesses so they can compete in the public sector procurement marketplace.

Business growth and market presence are enabled by this programme at a time when the small business is concerned with costs. They will be given access to events, news, contract opportunities, and relevant resources for their sector.

There are three sections to the programme. Events is the section that gives booking information for events that will get a business to the point where they are tender ready. The Contract Opportunities section allows businesses to locate opportunities to win contracts in their respective sector. Lastly, the News and Resources section provides the right information to allow the business to adequately prepare itself with best practices and to keep abreast of market developments.

Ron Burges, CEO of BiP, said, “We are happy to launch our newest version of the programme that helps start-ups and small businesses. This provides a service that did not exist. our roster includes 30,000 business, but we are eager to include every start-up and small business in all of the UK.”