Sunny days ahead for payday loan companies

Payday loans are funny things. On one hand we have those who have greatly benefited from having a short term loan that has seen them through until pay day, then there are those who have fallen foul of the charges banged on for late payments. Nobody can deny that there are improvements to be made in this area, as although your wages are meant to go into the bank on a set date every month, things do go awry.

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There has been much in the press recently regarding the regulation of payday loans, with many calling for them to be banned altogether. Now a new company has come along which aims top make life easier for those who take out these loans as a necessity. Sunny comes complete with it’s unique Sunny- No Fee Guarantee which effectively means there are no late charges, no funding charges and you only pay interest on what you borrow, not a penny more.

Finally, someone has stepped up their game and is offering a real alternative to the much maligned payday loan. Only the miss-selling of PPI has come in for as much criticism as these of late and to get the word out Sunny has produced a short but very sweet advert.

The phone rings in a payday loan office. The receptionist is asked if they offer the Sunny -No Fee Guarantee. She doesn’t know what it is, her assistant reads out the benefits from a book, she says they don’t do it and the caller hangs up. We then see a young guy put down his phone followed by a tablet, on which is the Sunny logo. Why settle for any old payday loan when you can go to Sunny? As they say themselves; good today, better tomorrow.