Standards to Be Met

Recent reports by the Care Quality Commission’s report into the standards of Social Care across the UK might provoke some new ideas among budding entrepreneurs.

The Commission criticises those care homes that do not engage with their residents and offer them respect and dignity with their care. The Commission recommends that all care homes should offer their residents an individual approach and ensure that the residents’ needs are paramount at all times. The Gracewell Healthcare Group is in the process of opening a range of new ‘boutique hotel style care homes across the UK. Four are already open and a further nine will be opened during the course of 2013. The whole approach of these homes is to provide the residents with a ‘home from home’.

Care homes also benefit the local community providing employment, 75 jobs were advertised at the £6 million Gracewell Healthcare owned Pemberley House in Basingstoke and the variety of careers on offer is wide. Cooks, healthcare professionals, administrators, gardeners and cleaners are all essential to the running of a successful care home as are therapists, musicians and art teachers. In order to fulfil the criteria and standards set down by the CQC the more activities that the residents can indulge in the better their quality of life. Attention to detail is vital. The new generation of care homes recognise that people enjoy and need to be pampered so a modern care home will be equipped with a gourmet café, a nail bar and a spa. Entering a care home does not mean giving up on life’s luxuries. In fact many residents are so fulfilled that they find life in the care home more rewarding than when they lived in their own homes.

Well-designed bedrooms with en suite bathrooms are also important, given that old age often brings mental and physical fragility it’s important that the bedrooms are brightly furnished with many personal possessions. Local community interaction is also important, old people enjoy listening to the young and many younger people love running about in the large grounds or just taking time to learn from those who were brought up in earlier decades.

SMEs often are run by the same creative and imaginative spirit that can be put to good use in the running of a care home. The creation of one perfect residence that has been accredited by the CQC could just be the start of an empire. The same rules that apply in business are also suitable for the care home industry, the first one being that owners should listen to the clients and do their best to fulfil their every need – within reason. Word of mouth recommendation by a happy resident and their family will soon reap both financial and emotional rewards.

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