SMEs want to know which political party is going to help them

The Conservative Party outlined plans for a new fairer taxation system this week if they are the winner of the 2010 general election.  In response, the Federation of Small Business (FSB) is asking all of the political parties that are main contenders to outline their plans for SMEs before the General Election occur.

The FSB will hold its annual conference in March of this year in Aberdeen with speakers lined up from all of the prime political parties.  On the list to speak will be Leader of the Liberal Democrats and current Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, Tory Leader David Cameron, and Nick Clegg.  Shortly after the event the General Election will take place which should make it intriguing to see what the party leaders have in mind to say.

National Chairman of the FSB, John Wright, stated that the annual conference is designed to give SMEs the information that they will need to make an educated decision when they head to the polls so that they make a choice that will help them survive the year.

Wright continued to state that the lifeblood of the economy is small businesses and the FSB is making a strong effort so that the country can continue to rebound after the recession.