SMEs unaware of how the Green Deal can benefit them

The Green Deal is a government initiative that has been created to benefit small and medium-sized companies. However, it has recently been revealed that many construction workers for smaller companies are unaware of what the deal actually offers.

Smaller companies are failing to train their employees to be aware of what the Green Deal is because they are afraid that their businesses will be pushed out in favour of larger companies in the same sector.

The survey that has revealed these figures has been conducted by the Green Deal Skills Alliance which has shown that small companies are afraid that they will be unable to offer prices that can remain competitive with a large company such as Tesco and British Gas.

One of the primary concerns small companies have is over the cost of assessments. This is something that larger companies are able to offer for free on the prospect of new business, but something smaller firms are unable to afford. Therefore smaller companies have called on the government to give a set fee for every assessment.

Many of the people who responded to the survey also had other concerns. One of the primary concerns was that the number of new jobs that could be created is not is generous as the government suggest. This is largely because they expect that the workforce currently in the market would be enough to meet even the increased demand from the government. There are also concerns that the boost will only last for a short time as it is not an ongoing project.

Edward Davey is the energy secretary and about the scheme he has commented, “We have been working very closely with the industry to make sure that this Green Deal is going to benefit as many people as possible.

We are targeting areas of the industry that have the demand for our services, but also are most in need of funding. We are strongly encouraging all companies to make their strongest efforts to prepare the businesses for the launch of the Deal, which is occurring later in the year.”

The survey has seen a more positive response from around 20 percent of respondents, who are saying they expect their turnover to increase because of the project. However, a small percentage have said that they actually predict their profits to fall because of the launch of the project.

CITB-ConstructionSkills has recently announced that they are going to be working with the government to provide funding for a programme that is going to train people to install insulation. The Chief Executive of the company is Mark Farrar and he has said, “One of the main reasons we are finding that small companies are not being up to get involved with the Green Deal is because of a lack of training.

We are hoping that this training will increase the number of commercial opportunities for small businesses and we encourage all employers to get involved with skills training.”

Asset Skills is another company that has been working as part of the Green Deal and the Chief Executive of this firm is Sarah Bentley who has commented, “This recent report is accurate in that it shows the concerns surrounding the project. We are continuing to work with our advisers to create a project that is going to be successful.

A key to this is having a well-trained workforce and we are very pleased to be able to be involved in this training programme. We believe that if the scheme is executed in the correct way that it is going to be very positive for the growth of the industry.”