SMEs & The Right Business Tools

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With business travel being such a luxury in the current climate, SME’s really do have to compare flights when overseas trips become inevitable.

Most small businesses can no longer afford business class travel and the benefits associated with the business cabin, such as the space and extra baggage allowance are not available to the average businessman particularly when travelling to short haul destinations.

Another saving inevitably is to lose the smartphones when renewing business contracts. The 3G roaming costs abroad can be prohibitive and for pure calls and texts there are some great deals to be had with simpler phones.

In order though to keep your workforce truly mobile and keep the all important morale buoyant in these tough times, a one-off investment in wifi tablets can solve some of those all important business tasks.

Lighter than a laptop and easier for typing and web surfing than a smartphone a tablet such as an iPad is easy to slip into hand luggage (and remove quickly for strict Border Agencies). If work en-route is required, whether on the plane or onward journeys by train or cab, a tablet is the ideal size for economy tables or just for holding like an inflight magazine.

The lightweight feel of the tablet does away with baggage weight restrictions and with the ability to download books, travel guides, magazines and papers, more room can be found for other important items.

Without the 3G connection, the tablet computers are safe to use during the flight and are easy to slip into seat back pockets during take-off and landing, without giving the passenger in front an uncomfortable few jabs in the back!

With free wifi a feature of many European airport hubs and business hotels, working online is smooth and easy and with the advent of ePrint services, from the likes of Google and HP printing can be emailed straight to any internet ready printer, including those back at the office.

Even with the iPad, which is not easily equipped with Microsoft Office there are a number of excellent apps, which allow docs to be shared easily. Added to this is the plethora of apps for travel tips, weather information, flight timetables, online check-in, translation and currency converters. The lack of ability with Flash products does worry some buyers but the app developers are on top of this and constantly building apps to bypass the problem.

Travelling on the roads, whether on the UK or on the continent, there are a number of sat-nav applications that make locating out of the way customers simple.

Tablets can be charged via a mains outlet with the right travel adaptor but battery life is impressive for all day conferences.

Prices of tablets are beginning to come down with rumours of £99 deals for a number of the newer entrants to the market and using cutting edge technology will also impress customers and colleagues and create a great first impression. So by all means save on those phone contracts and seek out those bargain flights, but invest in your workforce to give them the best opportunity for mobile flexibility with a tablet computer.


Linda Endersby spent 19 years in the airline industry enabling her to visit many beautiful places across the world. As well as writing about the places she loves, weekends as a bookseller offer her fabulous opportunities to research future destinations.