SMEs suffer crime wave

Over 66% of SMEs have been the victim of crime during the past year costing them around £3,000 on average according to a report from the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses).

Research reports that 64% of all small firms suffered from crime with each paying out £2,900 because of the crime.  Despite this fact, 39% of the firms did not report the crimes officially with almost half reporting that they would not gain anything by doing so.  Another 24% of the firms felt that police would not be able to prosecute anyone for the crimes and another 25% felt police would not care.

Chairman for the FSB, Mike Cherry, stated that it is vital that the Government creates a forward thinking agenda so that small businesses will be protected from the losses associated with crime.  Cherry added that the Government cannot continue to watch SMEs be the victims of crime that forces them to close because they cannot swallow the expenses.

The FSB is also asking that better action be taken so that businesses will benefit from a better response to crime including placing crimes that occur against businesses in an annual community safety newsletter.

Rob Garnham, the Association of Police Authorities’ chair, stated that they encourage small businesses to work alongside police if they think that they are not receiving the proper security and protection that they need because police authorities will help to ensure that all small business firms are protected from crime.