SMEs say they are not getting help in going green

SMEs are working hard to cut down on their emissions, and the Government does not seem to be stepping in to lend any aid.

Due to the fact that the economy is still fragile, most firms have been placed to put green issues on the side regardless of how they feel about them but even though SMEs are unable to focus on green issues, the target goal of the UK for carbon emissions is still in place.

For this reason, the Federation of Small Business feels that if the Government still wants to meet its own carbon emission standards then they need to start offering more incentives to SMEs to help them out.  Of course, while it may seem like a good idea, the Government is busy making cuts which make it seem unlikely that this will happen.

There are measures in place in order to help businesses work towards cutting back their carbon emissions such as an interest free loan provided by the Carbon Trust for the purchase of energy efficient equipment.  However, the FSB says that this is not enough since the Government wants to cut emissions by about 20% before 2020 dawns.

It may not all be in the hands of SMEs, because 44% of small businesses are housed in rental spaces which means that they have no personal investment towards making changes in items such as insulation.  Since landlords will not see any gain, they also have no incentive to invest in such changes.