SME’s recovering quicker than the big guys

When it comes to distribution the SME sector is still the European golden child based on new figures that were released from the GTDC (Global Technology Distribution Council).

Although the GTDC reported that revenue levels are low when compared to the same time periods last year in both Europe and the USA, members of the organization stated that some specific industries are faring better.

The SME market in particular has seen improvement in just the last few weeks and has started to stabilize again when its performance is compared to the larger business market, which is taking more time to recover.

The sales reported by GDTC were tracked by several different firms including Context SalesWatch in Europe and by NPD Group’s Distributor Track in the United States.

Both of these tracking centres showed that in the third quarter of 2009 the sales improved by a two percent increase in Europe and by about 11% in the US.  This is the first time that improvement has been seen two Q’s in a row since the close of 2008.

Chief executive of GTDC, Tim Curran, stated that although it is too early to say that businesses are out of danger due to the fact that it will take some time for the tech industry to recover, the figures are encouraging particularly in the regions of distribution and the SME market.

The report also showed that certain technology industries are helping to drive recovery including cloud computing, mobile solutions, storage, wireless networking, PoS, and security.