SMEs not getting value from Adwords

Only about 18% of the small businesses that use Google Adwords are able to get enough traffic to break even with the costs of marketing in this format according to new research that was compiled by YouGov and published at

Over the last few years Google Adwords has been promoted directly to SMEs as a cost effective and immediate way to boost sales and raise awareness of brand, but according to the survey that took into account 500 SME leaders, most SMEs are unable to see the direct link between the effort they make and the amount of sales they get back. CEO John Cheney stated that the results of the survey are what many customers also seem to be saying to the company as most SEOs feel that they need to have a visible presence on Google but are not sure how to make sure that this actually happens.  Now that Adwords is well known it is a shame that most firms are still not able to put a measure on how successful it has been for them.’s web-based CRM software can help smaller firms to overcome this obstacle.  Designed to track all customer interactions, it provides a clear and accurate overview of the return on investment of advertising and marketing spend.

“One company found that for every £1 they spent on Google Adwords they generated a mere 18 pence in sales,” adds Cheney. “Smaller firms have limited marketing budgets and they want to spend it in the way that will generate the greatest return.  With just 10 per cent of survey respondents saying that Google Adwords had led directly to sales and new clients in the last 12 months, it is important that SMEs have access to tools that help them to make the best possible decisions about where to invest their funds.”