SMEs missing out on latest technology

Owners of small businesses in the UK are missing the boat when it comes to advanced technology that could easily make the difference between success and failure. The key word here is ‘easily’, since the main reason given for lagging in the tech department is that the software is too expensive, too hard to use and far too complicated for a large percentage of those businesses.

Research conducted online by YouGov and published last week by indicates that about half of all SMEs in the UK are not using any sort of business software to help them improve performance and productivity that would mean greater profits to the business. Owners are not getting the real time data and updates concerning their individual business that is crucial to making the right management decisions at any given time.

Amongst 529 small business owners who were surveyed, only about 49% had any software solutions in place, and a quarter of those that did have any special business software used only the basic free programs that have very limited applications and features.

Managing Director of EST Marketing, James Reynolds, said that his company was like many others in thinking that taking on the latest technology was too complicated and risky, but it’s really not difficult at all. Moving from spreadsheets to the new software solutions enabled them (EST) to integrate the marketing, sales and finance departments so the time “from finding a new prospect to cash in the bank” has been significantly reduced.

According to John Cheney, CEO of, it’s amazing that so many businesses are failing to take advantage of the opportunities available. He says that cloud solutions are easily managed and tailored to meet individual needs, since most small businesses don’t have a lot of cash on hand and no one wants to pay for features they won’t be using.