SMEs just don’t seem to get cloud computing

A professional training company in the IT industry is CompTIA. They have recently published some research which examines how small and medium-sized enterprises feel about cloud computing. Just under 20% of these companies in the UK used cloud computing, and in the next year it is estimated that another 30% will join their ranks. Over the next two years it is expected that over 80% of companies will be utilising the technology.

Cloud computing does have its drawbacks, and some businesses are concerned about security. There is also the problem that if your Internet connection goes down you will not be able to access your latest files. The growth of tablets in the workplace is another opportunity presenting itself to all businesses.

Directory of technology at CompTIA is Seth Robinson, he has said, “Tablets can be a good tool for businesses but they do carry security risks. Staff are likely to take them home and use them for leisure, this can mean they pick up viruses which might spread onto the businesses network. These are just one of the issues that IT department in a company will have to consider if they want to start using these mobile devices.”

Praesidium Consulting is another IT company looking at the intimidation of cloud computing, and they are assessing whether it lives up to its hype. Simon Collins from the company commented, “the cloud is changing the way IT in companies works, many see it as a very cost-effective way to bring services to their clients. However, it does come with its risks, perhaps the most important of these is security. Having data stored remotely can mean it is harder for companies to secure.”