SME’s in the construction sector continue to struggle

The Federation of Master Builders has recently released its State of Trade Survey and it has shown bad news in the construction sector for small and medium-sized enterprises. The report showed that the sector is continuing to deteriorate and showed that in the second quarter of this year employment levels were lower than they were previously.

The survey estimated that nearly 40 percent of builders said that they had to employ less people in the period. It does seem as if things are looking a little bit brighter for the next quarter however as of those surveyed only 30 percent estimated employment would fall.

The Chief Executive of the FMB is Brian Berry and he has commented, “This news from the latest survey is rather depressing. The construction sector for small and medium-sized companies has been in continuing recession for the last four years and it was really hoped that by now we would start seeing some improvement in the situation. This latest survey however has highlighted that this is not the case and it is of course disappointing news for all of those working in this business area.”

He continued, “Unfortunately, these problems in this sector also spread to the economy as a whole. This goes far beyond just adding to the unemployment figures, but it also has a significant impact on the skills base of the industry. Information from previous recessions has shown that after the recession has ended, and the economy is booming, there is a lack of skills because people weren’t developing them during the recessionary years.”We really want to see the government make better policy decisions to incentivise growth in the industry. We want to see them offer more incentives for companies to promote the Green Deal and promote the development of skills in local areas.”