SMEs cautiously optimistic about growth

Research from the RBS and NatWest reveals that Britain may be on its way to a full recovery from the recession.  Although there are still tough trading conditions, 33% of all SMEs included in the survey reported that they see new growth as their top priority.  In response to the positive survey results, both groups have joined to launch a website for support and advice in one place for SMEs.

The new service website is designed to help guide businesses on how to trade in light of the recession by offering practical guides, interactive business reviews, and economic reports.

Chairman for small business at NatWest and RBS, Peter Ibbetson, stated that they have listened to what their customers have to say and are happy to offer a new support agent to help SMEs capitalize on opportunities that await them.

Ibbetson continued to say that while they are aware most businesses will continue to trade cautiously, with more than half of those in the survey stating they want to see more economic stability, their online review is designed to help SME’s avoid the fallback of a recession.

The free review which is the first in UK banking industry history can be found at the SME Business Knowledge Hubs at the NatWest and RBS website.  Included in the review are tips on cash flow and risk and the ability to instantly download a report that offers guiding tops with the option to seek out further aid from a relationship manager.