Small UK pharmaceutical companies to receive funding

A group which focuses on the life sciences has recently launched a new network which is designed to help boost the pharmaceutical industry based in the UK. The group is called the Life Science Angels Network, and the idea behind it is that it is going to provide a boost to smaller pharmaceutical companies, in order to help them grow and succeed.

The investment group was launched at the BioIndustry Association Bioscience Forum, which recently took place. The name of the network is shortened to A4LS, and it is bringing together many investors who have a great deal of experience in the sector, as well as others who are more general in their investments.

The idea is that guidance is going to be provided by these people as well as validation in order to encourage the smaller companies to move forward. The network’s ultimate aim is to encourage a great deal of growth in the pharmaceutical industry through investments. It is well known that it is very important for pharmaceutical companies to receive funding if they want to develop new products, and this is something that has unfortunately been drying up in recent years.

The group is going to be led by Will Weston and Simon Carry, who are entrepreneurs in the sector with 20 years experience. Entrepreneurs with experience from other sectors are going to be involved as well, and the first meeting will be taking place next month. Many companies have been invited to the event, and they are all going to be able to apply for funding. Funding through the organisation is going to be limited to £2 million per company, but this is sure to be a great deal of money to a small pharmaceutical company wanting to develop new products.