Small firm’s just not social networking

Online is a way of life in today’s world.  Businesses use social networking to get their name out there.  Large firms are using online resources to grow, unlike most small businesses that are not.

There are 77% of small firms that have never used social networking according to a study from web hosting firm Fasthosts.  Only 27% of small firms have contacted their consumers through online technology.  There was also a survey done by UK consumers stating that only 39% of them regularly look at a social networking profile of companies.

Many small firms feel that the internet is too expensive and too much of a challenge for them to get their business out there.  All firms out there need to be aware that there are now low-cost, simple solutions to improve their search engine position.

Every business can increase their sales by using the audience that they interact with online.  Only 35% of firms were worried about how easy it was for people to find them online.  Of course some also have stated that they would probably do better if they invested more online.  Consumers today now expect online reviews and multi-media material to make their purchases an easy process.