Small entrepreneurs are the key to a return to good times

A new report says that a new business landscape will be shaped in Britain by small entrepreneurs and firms including a manufacturing resurgence. HSBC Commercial Banking did the study and say that good with the Made in Britain brand will be enjoying a comeback and will benefit the super cities for new business Bristol and Glasgow.

Boosting the fortunes for a number of regions Hi-tech manufacturing will revive itself. The renewable energy sector will help with growth in north Wales, Cornwall, Glasgow, the Humber and Orkney and creative industries will do well in Manchester, east London, Dundee and Cardiff.

Space industries in Oxfordshire will prosper and in Norfolk and the northeast low carbon transport will be beneficial. HSBC Commercial Banking head, Jacques Emmanuel Blanchet said new trends come out of recessions and the report crystallizes how the small businesses and entrepreneurs are adaptable and shape the new business landscape that will be followed in British business.

With the industries identified that will act as the driving force of the new landscape for British business enables us to better understand not only what may be down the road in the future, but will is happening now that will help shape that future. Without a doubt each new business will be dependent upon the services and products of other businesses. Over the last decade, the fear of giant B2B hubs monopolising the retail sector and pushing small businesses to their financial limits is an ongoing issue in the UK. Supplying other businesses should be an open market to both small and big businesses, for example, whether selling ring back tones to a company or providing the catering for events, there are many parts of a large business that can spill over and benefit other businesses.

Vince Cable, Business Secretary says the report shows that the future is bright for the British Economy and especially so for British manufacturing. The hope is that the advances in technology will help generate growth and give us new jobs throughout the country. Enterprise, innovation and manufacturing are key to our future success.